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Meiterranean Food Style

The Greeks and Romans laid the foundations of what we now know as the Mediterranean diet with the "Mediterranean trilogy": bread, oil and wine, always present in our culture.

For the proper functioning of our body need balance in our diet. We should consume carbohydrates, proteins and lipids or fats. The latter play an important role in our diet because they are essential nutrients that provide us with energy, essential for our daily activities.

We understand that our nutrition experts say all the food groups, fats, or lipids, we will provide approximately 35% of total energy, why are preferably vegetable fats such as extra virgin olive oil, at animal. One exception is the blue fish (mackerel, tuna, sardines ...) because it is polyunsaturated and helps prevent cardiovascular problems.

The proposed Mediterranean diet olive oil as the main source of fat.

Olive oil has many properties, including many that have been agreed recently by doctors and scientists are:

:: Being a monounsaturated fatty acid, reduces LDL levels and increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol), unlike other oils, it protects against the risk of heart disease, especially myocardial infarction.

:: It is rich in vitamins A, D, F and K. and its high content of vitamin E helps prevent arteriosclerosis, cancer, and is excellent for keeping skin young and healthy.

:: I like the fat content of breast milk, so on paediatrics, the fat is appropriate for infant feeding.

:: Promotes the growth of bones and calcium absorption.

:: It is a natural remedy for ulcers, prevents diabetes and increases the body's defenses.

In addition to benefiting from these oil economy do, because its performance is higher than that of other vegetable fats, both cold and hot. We can see the heat because it increases its volume, which translates into less use for cooking. Due to the fruity flavor, smoothness and viscosity of olive oil is always less precise for cooking in cold weather.

:: A good breakfast Mediterranean: natural orange juice, coffee with milk and a slice of bread soaked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good Sense.

-Wine makes us twice civilized one when it produced and two when it is taken-

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