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What are the tannins ?

In wine, the tannin is an element of texture that makes the taste of the wine is rough . Well, this definition leaves much to be desired, not too clear , we will see it more in depth.

Tannin is a subdivision of polyphenol chemicals found in plants, seeds, bark, wood , leaves and fruit skins . Approximately 50% of the weight of the ( dry ) are leaves of a plant tannins. As a feature of the wine , tannin adds both bitterness and astringency and taste complexity . Tannins (for wine ) , are most commonly found in red wine , but white wines are also due to its aging in wood.

Where do ?

The tannins in wine come from two locations : wine grapes and wood.

Grape Tannins

They come from the skins , seeds and stalks of grapes. For this reason , red wines tend to have more of tannins than white wines , since prolonged contact of the skins with the juice given enough time so that they partially dissolve.

Some types of wine have more tannins than others, for example , varieties nebbiolo , cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo are varieties with high concentration of tannins.

The tannins in the wood

The wood tannins are dissolved in wine through contact ; course this happens when the wine is stored in oak barrels . Oak barrels are the most used option because of the flavors and qualities that give the wine . An oak barrel can be used in winemaking to 70 years.

What contributes tannin flavor ?

Tannin gives a dry , rough, rough , astringent taste and can be especially noticeable in the middle of the tongue and the front of the mouth. The black ( without sugar) tea is a great example of pure tannin dissolved in water.

Foods rich in tannins

• Tea Leaves

• Walnuts , almonds and walnuts ( with skin)

• black Chocolate

• Cinnamon , cloves and other spices

• Pomegranates , grapes and berries

• Quince

• Beans


It is useful to remember that the style and vinification process greatly affects the amount of tannins that will have a wine.

Varieties with more tannins

• Tannat

• Nebbiolo

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Tempranillo

• Montepulciano

• Petit Verdot

• Petite Syrah

Varieties with less tannins

• Barbera

• Zinfandel * or

• Primitive *

• Garnacha

• Pinot Noir

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