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Pinot Noir, International & Elegant.

The name can also refer to the created wine from the Pinot Noir grape strain.

The name of this grape is derived from the French words for "pine" and "black" respectively, since growing from this grape cluster shaped like a pine cone and its purplish black tone giving characteristic color.

Pinot Noir grapes grown around the world, especially in cold regions, but it is common to associate them with the region of Burgundy in France, as birthplace of the best wines that use this type of grapes.

Origin and expansion
She is originally from Burgundy.
It is one of the strains that make up the mixture of the majority of the Champagne (sparkling wines in the eponymous region)
As of many sparkling wines in the world.
Also considered it one of the choicest varieties around the world for the production of wine varietal, in Bourgogne, it gives some of the wines most exclusive and expensive in the world, for its limited production, such as Romanée Conti.
Believed to be the mother of Spanish Tempranillo variety.
It is a variety that does not adapt easily to any region, requires a cold climate to achieve good results.

The main regions and producers of this variety are: France, Germany, the region of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, Sonoma County in California, Australia, Argentina, Chile and South Africa cold valleys.

Its berries are small, purplish black, waxed by abundant bloom.
The skin is thick, and soft pulp.
A very fine wine is done with this vid.
He is characterized by its low tannic structure, body means waking up refined and subtle sensations in the mouth.
Pinot Noir produces an extremely soft, fresh and fruity, wine of a very nice bouquet, with acidity that makes it quite lively and persistent on the palate without being aggressive.

On the nose, red Pinot Noir wines can reach the aromatic Excellence (cherry, cassis, strawberry, raspberry, violet, leather, licorice that evolve to a delicate aroma with aging) and support a good upbringing. The characteristic aromas of this wine are red and black fruits such as Cherry, BlackBerry, raspberry, Plum, among the most prominent. The primary aromas are determined by the black currants, truffles.

Floral notes like for example wilted roses are also highlighted.


View, it is a wine that has a special luminosity, reminiscent of a more opaque than bright red tile, contrary to French wines from Pinot Noir that are characterized by a much more luminous shine.
Their color varies depending on their age: a red, Ruby or purple when young, to an ochre Orange, after 8 to 10 years of cellaring, maintaining a middle layer.

In the mouth tends to be light, but structured, wine if is vinified to old-style Burgundy, may require years of aging, to soften the tannins from the stems.

Recommendation of served and accompaniment

Suitable to accompany semi-mature cheese varieties, magret of duck or goose, is famous the pairing with the Coq au Vin (chicken with wine), being one of the few wines that harmonize with some fish such as fresh tuna and Salmon.

Its ideal serving temperature varies between 14 and 15 ° C.

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