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The Art of Butler Service

Roles / Values / Body Language and Butlers Demeanor

The multifaceted role of the butler, both traditional and modern Valet Butler, 
Personal Assistant duties

Interviewing skills

Household Management and Security

Valet skills including packing of suitcases, concierge and the world of travel

The Dining Room and the laying of tables, The Art of Table Service, The Ballet of Service, Setting the Stage , Event Planning, Tray Service, Dining Diplomats & Important guests.

  • Purchasing, storage and inventories of Wines
  • Food and Beverage Service, preparing Meals and beverages
  • Flowers and Table arrangements
  • Cigars, their handling and storage, presentation of Cognacs and Expensive Wines
  • Cleaning of silver, glass and fine artefacts
  • Liaison with other household and Estate Staff
  • Employer to employee relationships
  • Fire and Safety guidelines, Household accounts and budgets
  • Household systems and Accounting within the Household or State room
With our track record over the past 10 years, our clients trust our judgement, discreetness, honesty and confidentially .

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