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A Short Guide To Merlot Wine

Merlot is a classic type of grapes that is used to produce delicious first-class wine. Originally planted in Bordeaux, France, merlot is now also grown in Italy, U.S.A., Chile, Australia, Romania, etc. In fact, merlot is the fourth wine grape type in terms of world coverage.

The taste

Merlot wine is the perfect choice for new red wine lovers due to its one-of-a-kind softness and silky, balanced taste. This delicious red wine is rich in fresh fruit flavours including blueberries, cherries, plums, blackberries as well as herbal flavours. Actually, there is a lot more to discover about Merlot, depending on the region where the wine is produced. Here’s a short Merlot wine guide to help you select the right wine for your special occasion.

Cool climate Merlot

Cool climate Merlot wine is produced in France, Italy, and Chile. This variety of Merlot wine features a higher presence of tannins, which makes the wine more structured. Cool climate Merlot drinkers can taste not only fresh fruit flavours but also tar and tobacco.

Warm climate Merlot

This Merlot variety is produced in California, Argentina, and Australia. The presence of tannins in warm climate Merlot is less obvious. This wine tastes like fruit but one can also appreciate the notes of chocolate, mocha, cocoa, and flowers. Experts state that some wine makers use special oak treatment to make sure Merlot has more structure.

Food pairing

Due to its easy-drinking character and moderate acidity, Merlot wine is really versatile in terms of food pairing. Be it poultry, red meat, pork, salads, pasta or even hamburgers you’re going to serve, your guests will definitely appreciate a glass or two of Merlot.

If light, fruity warm climate Merlot is your choice for a special occasion, you can be pretty flexible in terms of food pairing. Herbed chicken and Italian tomato-based dishes are the perfect match. If you opt for deep, velvety Merlot wine, consider cooking roast beef, roast lamb, grilled pork, steak, or other rich dishes. Offer a plate of cheeses to complement the wine.

All things considered, Merlot wine with its medium-bodied, balanced and easy taste can complement any occasion, whether you’re eating pizza, steak, or pasta. A tip from gourmands: too spicy foods, fish and leafy greens may not be right to team with Merlot

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