viernes, marzo 14

The food & Wine

The food that is consumed with wine has an effect on the way in which the wine knows, can the wine also have an effect on the taste of the food. The purpose of the harmonization of food and wine is to take advantage of those effects, so that both food as wine give more pleasure than that would be if they were consumed separately. Knowing these effects will help to avoid negative interactions or unpleasant. 

In addition to understanding the basic taste interactions between wine and food, It is important to remember that people have different sensitivities to different the flavor and aroma components. This means, for example, that the same level of bitterness can affect a much stronger way than to another person (this does not) It is the same as the personal preferences; Some people like the 

While strong reactions that others seem to them unpleasant). The harmonies, Therefore, should take into account the preferences of persons, as well as also the basic interactions between wine and food.

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